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Real Estate Development

Single-family, multifamily, land, and condominium conversions. If you are the owner of real estate, you need to know the best way to sell your property. In the Washington, D.C. area and beyond, there are more and sometimes better ways to profit from real estate ownership than traditional Realtors can determine.

We offer techniques and analysis multimillion dollar  institutional investors utilize and at a split any homeowner can afford. You only share in the increased funds we bring to the table.


Our process is designed to keep you from making an uninformed decision. Too often, sellers in distress are targeted by investors whose sole aim is to give you as little as possible for the equity you've built up over years. It's not good or bad; it just is.
Learn from us how much your property would be worth with the right renovations for your area, how to get those renovations done by knowing the cost, and how to sell for highest profit.


Our initial consultation is a no-obligation meeting to go over your options in selling your property.
1. Sell to Us, As-Is, Best Offer;
2. We can, in some cases, Partner with you to sell your property after reno;
3. We can find financing for you to renovate and sell top of market;
4. We can consult with you to complete the entire process of finding financing and overseeing the renovation process.


Often, our process can earn you significantly more than selling on the open market. Typically, sellers of homes in need of repair or facing imminent debt will sell to an investor who resells that same property within a year for a hefty profit. We show you how that profit is earned by real estate professionals and help you what so many other sellers who don't have the benefit of our expertise are giving away for to "We Buy Houses" buyers.

Private Lender EBook

Tired of earning less on your bank accounts than they collect in fees. Private Lenders set their terms on how much their money earns based on the market. AND, their investment is backed by the guarantee of real estate. If you don't receive your terms, you take the property and sell for more than you loaned. Find out how every day people do what we did for the nations' largest banks: find and evaluate mortgage loans. Download here.

Why Choose Us?

We have over 30 years experience in mortgage finance, renovation loans, and property sales. More importantly, we have consulted hundreds of homebuyers and real estate investors and held public seminars for the nations’ top lenders on homebuyer techniques and credit approval for renovation and specialized mortgage programs.

Fast & Efficient

We understand the need for speed, efficiency, and understanding. Our sellers need a cash solution fast. That's what we offer.


We have dedicated social media specialists and the current technology to both analyze and resell your property. That means the highest return in the shortest time by appealing to the widest audience.

Traditional and Modern

Certain things like real estate finance formulas don't change. The technology for reaching those answers and for reselling to the widest audience does change. We stay on top of both.

We Listen

Nothing matters if it doesn't fit your needs. We have to hear from you what's going on. After hundreds of successful closes, we've learned every one is unique. Tell us what you need. We're listening.