Bossard Homes is a family-owned real estate consulting business. We provide a turnkey real estate investing platform.  Decades of mortgage finance and renovation loan packaging have equipped us to oversee the investment cycle from start to finish. We bring the roles of Lender, Realtor, and Developer under one roof to offer our clients professionally analyzed and vetted real estate deals packaged and managed while you continue your wage-earning profession.


For too long, African-Americans have been locked out of the mortgage system as non-citizens at first and recently as second-class at best. Most African-American families know it is practical to teach our sons and, increasingly, our daughters how to interact with the police to avoid conflict and perhaps fatality. We’re through debating if there’s racist intent. History has proven there is. Otherwise, we’d be fooling ourselves at the further unnecessary expense of our sons and daughters.

Similarly, racism has existed in the housing sector since the foundation of our country. It’s only a matter of degree, not existence. Bossard Homes, a company consisting of a Black father and his children needing to learn the skills I’ve developed in the housing sector, has as its mandate, education. We hope to spur that Black father who’s teaching his son or daughter how to approach, talk to, and not scare a police officer how also to approach, apply for, and ultimately get approved for a mortgage. Ultimately, we’d like to see anyone willing to listen rise from being borrower to the blessing of being the lender.

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